Katusabe Robina

Robina is an enthusiastic all-around Water Resources Engineer with vast experience in hydrogeological surveys, design, and construction of boreholes, water supply schemes, and rainwater harvesting systems. In addition to her professional skills, she is a good team leader with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

Pinkleen Oinokwesiga

Pinkleen is a consummate strategic human resource management specialist. She has vast experience supporting Human Resource and Administration systems, Human Resource Policy Development and Implementation, as well as staff training and development.

She enables the company to consistently attract and retain high-end talent, as well as maintain high-performing teams. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Kyambogo University and is currently undertaking a Master’s of Organizational Psychology from the same institution

Angella Nakkungu

Angella is a senior specialist in urban water supply and sewerage systems. She is a turnaround expert for leading sector utilities, having provided advisory services on technical operations and refining models, greatly improving sector performance.

She has undertaken project design, monitoring and evaluation, and sector assessments of numerous urban water supply projects.

Angella holds expertise in water, sanitation, and drainage engineering, project monitoring and evaluation, design, planning, and construction of hydraulic structures, construction management, highway and transportation engineering, and execution of technical assessments and feasibility studies.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Makerere University and is currently undertaking a Masters’ Degree in Civil Engineering from the same institution

Paul Ogwal

Paul is an experienced water resources engineer. His experience spans rural, and urban contexts, undertaking design and construction of water and sanitation infrastructure such as protected springs, shallow wells, boreholes, and piped water schemes.

Paul holds expertise in water supply and distribution, irrigation systems, drainage, planning and design of hydraulic structures, water resources planning and management, groundwater management, and sewered sanitation systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering from Busitema University

Pamela Niwensiima

Pamela is a certified public accountant, with wide experience in the water and sanitation sector. With a strong proficiency in standard accounting procedures and software, she provides oversight and monitoring of company budgets, offers guidance on investment decisions, as well as carrying out financial forecasting and modeling.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Makerere University Business School and a CPA from Capital College

Benon Kwikiriza

Benon is an integrated water resources management engineer, with specialized experience in advanced water and wastewater treatment systems, fecal sludge management, on-site sanitation systems, sanitation value chains, catchment hydrology, and groundwater exploration.

Benon’s strengths lie in strategy and program design, technical assistance, and program management attained from a mix of assignments and applied projects undertaken with various national and international NGOs, CBOs, and the private sector.

He has previously engaged with international think tank bodies, including Future Earth, and the UN Independent Group of Scientists (IGS). Benon has research interests in integrated water resources management, watershed management, environmental health, flood risk management, virtual water trading, and long-range water supply planning and sustainability systems.

He is a well-read deep thinker and seasoned researcher who has presented his work at high-level policy forums that are a bastion of the world’s best researchers, scientists, and development experts.

He remains a towering figure in the WASH sector, with his research work having attracted the attention of Future Earth and the UN Independent Group of Scientists. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering from Busitema University

Brian Tushabomwe

Brian is a water and sanitation specialist, with experience in urban and rural aspects of water and sanitation services. He has several years of professional experience in planning, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of urban, peri-urban, and community-based rural water supply projects.

He has over this time provided advisory and research services to sector utilities, and the private sector on water safety plans, sustainability plans, hydraulics analysis, water use efficiency, and asset management among others.

His research interests are in the fields of water supply systems efficient management (water loss management, and energy efficiency ) as well as water policy alternatives, including hydropolitics, and water use efficiency i.e. energy and water reuse and recovery systems and technologies.

A plethora of water supply designs and water-related policies implemented in Uganda have passed under Brian’s keen eyes for fine-grained analysis and final tooth combing.

Drawing on this cachet of previous projects, he is a great addition to our team of sharp-witted engineers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering from Busitema University


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