Brian Tushabomwe

Brian is a water and sanitation specialist, with experience in urban and rural aspects of water and sanitation services. He has several years of professional experience in planning, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of urban, peri-urban, and community-based rural water supply projects.

He has over this time provided advisory and research services to sector utilities, and the private sector on water safety plans, sustainability plans, hydraulics analysis, water use efficiency, and asset management among others.

His research interests are in the fields of water supply systems efficient management (water loss management, and energy efficiency ) as well as water policy alternatives, including hydropolitics, and water use efficiency i.e. energy and water reuse and recovery systems and technologies.

A plethora of water supply designs and water-related policies implemented in Uganda have passed under Brian’s keen eyes for fine-grained analysis and final tooth combing.

Drawing on this cachet of previous projects, he is a great addition to our team of sharp-witted engineers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering from Busitema University


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