Water Supply & Irrigation

Water Supply & Irrigation

Water supply comprise of water harvesting, treatment and distribution for such uses as domestic consumption, animal use, industrial use and for irrigation-delivery of additional required water for proper plant growth, at all times.

We focus on achieving both water and energy efficiency by undertaking optimal design of systems using proven design principals and criteria with the aid of technological packages suited for the purpose at hand. In the same spirit, our implementation plans focus on delivering quality workmanship.

HYDRO CONCEPTS (U) LTD also has plans of investing in the construction and tooling of a modern water and waste water laboratory to serve the wider and growing need in this segment. We also deliver on the most appropriate irrigation technologies based on suitability to terrain and crop type drawing from a pool of most recognised methods of sprinkler, drip, or flood.

Our Engineers help you to Select and Design the most suitable irrigation type and equipment fit for the purpose keeping in mind to achieve highest water use efficiency while saving/conserving energy.
We also help you design and implement combined irrigation systems that also deliver fertilisers-a process known as fertigation.

Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd is active in designing and implementing of water supply systems, undertaking specialized aspects of water supply of:

Water loss control and management where we undertake;

Water Meter Management-selection, testing and auditing
Asset Management
Pressure Management systems

Energy efficiency in water supply systems where we undertake;

Energy audits and offer advisory services.