We undertake consultancies in water, sanitation, and environmental sectors. We do deliver business-aligned solutions that endure the test of time. We ensure that our solutions and designs align with the multitude of regulatory policies and processes ever present in the water, sanitation, and environmental sectors. We deliver the best designs and quality works for the following consultancies:

Consultancy Areas:
  • Engineering design and supervision for water supply schemes
  • Design of mini and large irrigation schemes
  • Development of urban flood risk management plans 
  • Design of municipal solid waste management and reuse plans 
  • Development of urban water and sanitation master plans 
  • Undertaking of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)
  • Development of Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs) 
  • Development of asset management plans 
  • Design of watershed and catchment management plans 
  • Development of water safety plans
  • Development of WASH investment and sustainability plans 
  • Undertaking of water demand assessments 
  • Technical assessments and impact evaluations for WASH related projects 
  • Development of urban drainage master plans  
  • Development of integrated water resource management plans 
  • Development of environmental standards and best practices 
  • Development of catchment/wetland restoration and action plans
  • Development of pollution control plans
  • Preparation of water and drought management plans 
  • Development of water conservation plans and future water supply forecasts 
  • Production of flood forecasts and development of flood management plans 
  • Groundwater resource mapping
  • Design and implementation of rainwater harvesting strategies (Including artificial aquifer recharge)

Our integrated team of hydrologists, geologists, water specialists, environmental specialists, social workers, and surveyors possesses a unique mix of skills to internalize your project at length, and proffer you bespoke technical support. We provide you with sound strategy, solid engineering and socially responsible solutions, hence you can always trust us for providing innovative and cost effective solutions, and benefit from the depth and breadth of our technical excellence

Water supply, Borehole, Protected Springs, and Shallow Well Drilling

Water supply, Borehole, Protected Springs, and Shallow Well Drilling

Water supply comprises of water harvesting, treatment and distribution for such uses as domestic consumption, animal use, industrial use and for irrigation-delivery of additional required water for proper plant growth, at all times

We focus on achieving both water and energy efficiency by undertaking optimal design of systems using proven design principles and criteria with the aid of technological packages suited for the purpose at hand. In the same spirit, our implementation plans focus on delivering quality workmanship

We offer and implement a diversity of technical solutions in water supply, including but not limited to:

  • Undertaking feasibility study, design and construction of gravity flow schemes
  • Design and installation of solar powered water supply systems
  • Construction and rehabilitation of protected springs 
  • Drilling of boreholes, shallow wells, and production wells 
  • Undertaking of hydrogeological surveys  
  • Rehabilitation and decontamination of shallow wells 
  • Supply of water testing kits 
  • Water quality testing and monitoring 
  • Supply of both surface and submersible water pumps 
  • Active leakage detection on distribution pipes, water audits, and NRW/water loss management 
  • Installation and maintenance of water property and water quality instrumentation 
  • Water infrastructure rehabilitation and optimal replacement 
  • Installation of reservoir tanks and various types of tank stands    

Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd is active in designing and implementation of water supply systems, undertaking specialized aspects of water supply of water loss control and management where we undertake:

Water Meter Management
  • Meter selection, testing, and auditing
  • Installation and management of prepaid meters
  • Sub-metering in case of multiple users on one master meter  i.e. for rentals and plazas including development and management of their billing systems
Asset Management

Our technical experts carefully study your water supply system with regards to water supply pressures, distribution pipe specifications, water quality and all system components, and guide you on the right infrastructure to use, with an overall aim of driving operational efficiency. We thus provide you with project lifecycle solutions to maximize asset values, from feasibility studies through to decommissioning. This enables you optimize operations and maximize plant asset values throughout the lifecycle of the facilities

Pressure Management Systems

In water supply systems experiencing high pressures, we undertake the process of identification of high pressure zones, size, install and offer sustainable pressure management solutions aimed at ensuring reduction in occurrence of bursts, reduction in flow rates of leakages and aversion of new leakages and bursts from occurring

Smart Underground Leakage Detection (NRW Equipment)

We have high precision instruments that can be used to detect and locate leakages on underground water transmission pipes. Our smart water leak detectors are highly accurate and sensitive, and as such suited for water leak surveying on plastic pipes. Our equipment digitally locates the leaks on underground pipes, thus enabling utilities reduce on NRW. These systems can detect leaks in pipes buried up to a depth of 1 metre, and are highly sensitive, reliable, accurate, and fast

Non Revenue Water (NRW) and Water Loss Management

Water is a fundamental human need, for “water is life.” To ensure that access to safe clean water is brought close to the people, governments and other actors invest in water supply systems (abstraction, treatment, pumping and distribution). These systems’ primary objective is to deliver all the water pumped into the distribution network to the end-user (consumer)

However, it is important to note, like in all systems, there are losses along the pumping-storage-distribution networks. Specifically for water supply systems, the collective name given to these losses is known as Non-Revenue Water

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is defined as the difference in quantities of water pumped or introduced into the water distribution systems (case of gravity sources) with the sum of all the water registered by all consumer water meters supplied by that water supply system or all the water billed for that particular month

NRW is in other words that quantity of water from which economic benefit is not derived

Under our NRW and water loss management solutions, we offer multipronged solutions to address these shortcomings. We deploy high-end NRW equipment and water leak detectors, to accurately detect leaks on any underground water transmission pipes, thus enabling utilities keep leakage volumes to levels that are acceptable and economically viable (Affordable losses)

We offer technical consultancy aimed to address network losses, leakage detection, network leakage monitoring, billing abnormalities, and water meter management. We offer a complete water loss management plan that involves 4 stages. Firstly, we undertake thorough water audits to ascertain the nature of non-revenue water loss. Secondly, we undertake active location and repair of leaks on water mains and primary distribution pipes. Thirdly, we offer technical advisory on pressure management (based on determination of key locations in the water distribution system that are subject to excessive applied pressure and hence subject to potentially higher levels of leakage, hence advise on installation of pressure reducing valves at such points). Finally, our water audit reports inform infrastructure management such as replacement of water mains, and pumping stations, if very prone to breaks and leaks, and in case such replacement enables cost effective performance of the entire system

Water safety plans

As a mandatory requirement by the WHO, water systems meant for communities, health centres, schools MUST incorporate water safety plans. As such, all sections of the water supply plant from water abstraction, treatment, distribution, to the consumer, MUST be critically analyzed to foresee likely risks that may compromise the quality of water at each point. These are then graded in terms of magnitude and likelihood of occurrence, and respective mitigation measures that can be implemented to maintain the quality of water, and monitoring guidelines

In order to guarantee sustainability of the quality of water, it is important to draw up a water safety plan, strictly monitor its implementation, routinely review and update it

A water safety plan entails compilation of a robust assessment of the likely risks that can compromise the microbial, chemical and physical quality of water, resultantly likely to cause public health concerns from catchment to the consumer chain

Because water supply systems vary greatly from each other in terms of characteristics such as catchment source, types and condition of assets, size, among other aspects, it is important that a specific water safety plan is prepared for each water supply system

We offer technical support to clients in development of tailor made water safety plans, to guarantee the sustainability of the quality of water. We enable you to identify, prioritize risks, and ensure appropriate control measures are in place to reduce these risks to an acceptable level

Energy efficiency in water supply systems where we undertake

We undertake energy audits and offer advisory services

Swimming Pools

Do you plan to construct a swimming pool for your home, hotel, institution, recreation facility, or leisure park? Do you need it indoor, or outdoor, public, or in your backyard?

We are expert in designing and delivering for your a modern state of the art swimming pool that exceeds your expectations, at unbeatable prices

We design and construct all sizes of swimming pools, from Olympic size swimming pools. We also add special high-tech and beautiful features that give you thrilling and amazing experiences, with a relaxing touch, such as sheer waterfalls, water fountains, whirlpools, jet massage, or thermal water pool (hydro massage). All these elegant relaxing elements give you exclusive bathing and fun experiences! We construct all these facilities, including steam baths and sauna 

Additionally, we provide swimming pool products and services aimed at maintaining water quality, combatting algal growth, correcting iron levels, and reduction of limescale in your swimming pool

Water treatment

We offer a number of water treatment technologies, ranging from simple to high-end treatment, filtration, and purification systems, suited for homes, institutions, and bottling plants. Our modern, high quality technologies range from bulk treatment for communal water points, as well as filtration systems for homes. These include but not limited to

  • Water filters
  • Filter cartridges 
  • Disinfection and chlorination systems
  • High end purification systems 
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Point of use ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems
  • Slow and rapid sand filters
  • Desalination systems for salty water
  • Addressing water quality issues i.e. colour, hardness, and turbidity. This calls for water softening among other treatment options
Faecal Sludge Management

Faecal Sludge Management

Under our faecal sludge management solutions, we undertake the design and construction of faecal sludge treatment plants, as well as provision of services across the entire sanitation value chain (SVC). Our FSM facilities aim at resource recovery i.e. biogas and briquettes to meet energy needs, as well as sludge cakes used in agriculture for soil conditioning

  • We design and construct faecal sludge treatment facilities, to treat faecal sludge from septic tanks, pit latrines and other onsite sanitation systems. Our facilities enable resource recovery i.e. briquettes which reduces reliance on charcoal that is environmentally disastrous, as well as burning the methane gas generated to obtain electricity
  • We undertake design and construction of constructed wetlands, sewage lagoons, and waste stabilization ponds for human wastes for small-town centres, and institutions such as schools
  • We undertake the construction of bio digester septic tanks. These decompose the waste on-site hence require no emptying. Additionally, our bio digesters generate biogas for energy needs
  • We offer cesspool emptier and gulping services to clients with septic tanks and pit latrines respectively
Sanitation Infrastructure Facilities

While we feed our bodies, the end product, shit must be properly disposed of, to ensure a safe, healthy, and liveable environment! Proper disposal of human waste prevents pollution of the environment, air, and water resources. Safe disposal necessitates the construction of well designed, and sited physical infrastructures, that minimize impact of the collected waste on groundwater resources

We undertake the construction of sewered (waterborne) and onsite sanitation facilities, including but not limited to the following components:

  • Waterborne/flush toilet facilities (and accessible toilets)
  • Pour flush toilets
  • Drainable pit latrines 
  • Waste incinerators
  • Septic tanks
  • Bio digester septic tanks
  • Hands free hand washing stations
Bio digester septic tanks

Bio digester septic tanks are the new gold standard in wastewater management, and are being widely adopted in preference to conventional septic tanks. Bio-digesters are used as an alternative to conventional septic tanks, because they offer the following added benefits:

  • They generate biogas, thus a source of clean renewable energy
  • They eliminate dependence on external logistics (Emptying), as the wastewater is treated on-site
  • They are easy to maintain
  • There have reduced costs on emptying and maintenance 
  • They have an extended lifespan 
  • They decompose up to 99.9% of human waste, which is converted into reusable water and methane gas. This is in comparison to conventional septic tanks that decompose only 30% and 70% stays in the septic tank

At Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd, we have specialist knowledge and unrivalled expertise in the design and construction of all sizes of bio digester septic tanks for homes, schools, hotels, and other institutional settings

Asset management

All water supply systems are made up of assets (infrastructure). These include pipes, water meters, control valves, pressure reducing/regulating valves, air release valves, washout valves, pumps, motors etc.

All these assets serve different roles within the water supply systems, ultimately contributing to the overall objective of supplying clean water to the public

Therefore, the functionality and integrity of all the assets that form part of the water supply should be guaranteed at all times. However, like is with all assets, they are subject to wear and tear. These assets have a role to play in managing water losses and enhancing energy efficiency. As such, air release valves prevent air surges that lead to turbulent flows which oftentimes result in bursts and leakages, pressure reducing valves regulate pressure in sections of the water supply systems preventing the occurrence of bursts, control valves too regulate pressure as well control wastage during repairs etc.

It is important therefore to ensure that these assets are strategically located, well protected from damage and that their functionality is guaranteed sustainably. This is what makes strategic asset management critical for all water supply systems

Our technical experts bring an experienced eye and a fresh outlook to carefully study your water system with regards to water supply pressures, distribution pipe specifications, water quality and all system components, and guide you on the right infrastructure to use, how long it will serve, and how often it should be replaced, with an overall aim of driving operational efficiency. We thus provide you with project lifecycle solutions to maximize asset values, from feasibility studies through to decommissioning . This enables you optimize operations and maximize plant asset values throughout the lifecycle of the facilities


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