Are you planning to install plumbing works for your residential building, apartment, high rise building, or commercial plaza? Do you know that there are a wide range of products (plumbing fittings and fixtures) on the market that serve different needs and outputs, achieving different water-use and energy efficiencies? And do you know that there are numerous safety features that must be considered to incorporate safety in the plumbing systems, especially bathrooms in order to minimise bathroom accidents, injuries, and deaths? Have you heard about accessible toilets (inclusive toilets) that enhance inclusiveness and accessibility of such facilities by the elderly, and persons with disabilities (PWDs)?

Our technical team has a working knowledge of all plumbing fixtures and accessories on market and we therefore work with you to identify the most suitable ones for your system and precisely install it. We base on our extensive knowledge base and industry experience to offer unmatched internal and external plumbing solutions for both domestic and industrial Clients.

HYDRO Concepts (U) Ltd is your trusted partner to guide you through and implement the right plumbing decisions. As a leading plumbing company in Uganda, we guide our Clients to select the best and most energy and water efficient plumbing fixtures, as well as offer a range of specialised domestic and industrial plumbing services such as:

  • Advisory on the right choice of plumbing equipment and pipes based on the prevailing surrounding pressures from the water utility serving you or based on your own independent sources.
  • Because saving both energy and water matters, we will guide you on the right pipes and fixtures fit for the purpose.
  • We offer guidance on sub-metering and/or meter separation in case of commercial plazas and apartments including meter quality selection, billing systems, and meter management.
  • We undertake implementation and offer operation and maintenance of all plumbing works for institutional, residential, and commercial buildings.
  • We undertake high billing investigations including leakage detection and inspection of all plumbing fixtures, water meter tampering, faulty water meters, etc.
  • We provide resolution of low-pressure complaints, and use of pressure measurements to guide on the selection of type of appliances for installation.
  • Sub metering (Meter separation, meter quality selection, installation, and meter management/billing systems).
  • Water audits, leakage detection and repair, and plumbing system inspection.
  • Installation of household water supply system and pressure management for installed systems.
  • Detection and repair of pipe leakages and bursts on household water transmission pipes.
  • We clear blocked drains, sewer networks, and clogged pipes. We as well offer emergency plumbing (repair and maintenance) services to clear faults such as overflows and solid waste blockages in plumbing systems, using such methods as sewer rods, drain jetting, etc.
  • Supply and installation of all plumbing fittings/fixtures i.e., bathtubs, shower cabins, urinal bowls, flushing cisterns, hand wash basins, solar water heaters, instant water heaters, washing machines, water closets, jacuzzi, hand driers, kitchen sinks, etc.
  • We offer protection services against property flooding i.e., location of leaking pipes buried in the walls and floors i.e., reliable leak detection solutions to avoid property flooding and damage to housing infrastructure.
  • In instances where utility pressure reaching your premises is insufficient to supply top floors of your house, apartments, or commercial plaza, we support you to size and install an appropriate booster pump to overcome this shortcoming. As well, if you are experiencing reduced flow due to leakages or build-up of bio slime in the distribution system, we are able to rectify this.
  • We develop a schematic layout of your outdoor plumbing and underground pipe layout to guide you in case of future investigations and maintenance, or in case of property transfer or future developments so as not to damage buried pipes; as an after-sale service. This schematic layout of your house plumbing system helps guide you in case of future redevelopments of your estate, enabling you to minimise damage or in case of need to relocate the system.

Our plumbing experts guide you in proper selection of plumbing fixtures and water conveyance systems, with regards to pressure, ensuring water conservation and leak protection through reliable pressures, and cost savings via water damage repairs to your house and property.

Sub Metering

In multi-user apartments, water consumption can never be the same for each household. To achieve equity in such a circumstance, sub-metering, where every household is allocated their own meter as opposed to using one utility meter for all households, becomes necessary.

This in turn promotes responsible water usage and hence efficiency. Our plumbing experts help you select the right quality sub-meters, develop for you management systems, and we effectively manage your sub-meters. In sub-metering management, we offer services as selection, testing, servicing, billing, and payment collection systems. We also are able to install smart water meters, which enable remote shutoff, consumption billing, and payment collection.

Leak Defence Systems and Flood Sensors (Property Flood Protection)

Plumbing issues such as overflowing toilets, leaking toilet tanks, cracked hoses, damaged fill valves, leaking valves, leaking pipes, overflowing sinks, and more can lead to common, and often devastating consequences. Leaks create inconveniences, and the damage they create can be disastrous and expensive!

The flooring and subflooring often need to be replaced, along with drywall and insulation, in order to prevent mold from forming. Plumbing leaks are one of the most frustrating problems homeowners experience. Some leaks are obvious and easy to fix. However, leaks hidden inside walls or ceilings are often hard to detect and can end up causing costly damage before you even realise there is a leak.

If your home has a slab foundation, leaks can be even more difficult to detect. Concrete slab foundations have pipes running underneath that can develop leaks as pipes age. Our product portfolio consists of sensors, detectors, devices, accessories, and software for remote leak monitoring and control within professional applications.

Further, appliances or fixtures i.e., refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and toilets have the potential to develop blockages or leaks that can lead to serious flooding if left unchecked. We do install electronic leak detection systems to enable you to keep watch over the plumbing, which notify you immediately if they sense a leak or moisture is detected. These electronic leak detectors are designed specifically to alert you in case of a plumbing leak. The systems, installed in high-risk areas near washing machines, laundry rooms, toilets, sinks, hot water heaters, water filtration systems, etc. are able to capture pinhole and slab leaks.

They ably detect leaks behind walls and in ceilings and can automatically shut off water if a leak is detected, providing a one touch turnoff for incoming water supply. Our systems are effective in detection of leaks for buried pipes in walls and floors, enabling you to enjoy property wide protection. This is a MUST have for property owners that want to protect their buildings from property flooding, for no insurance can replace family photos and other priceless treasures or important business documents once water has destroyed them.

Key to note is that these systems stop leaks before they happen, no plumbing required, and they do communicate wirelessly, and are battery powered. When a wet floor is detected, the alarm sounds, giving you complete home protection courtesy of state-of-the-art technology. All these alerts are automatically sent to your mobile app for easy monitoring of leaks and real time control of your system. This is a novel building management solution for centralised monitoring and full visibility of multi-unit buildings, apartments, and high-rise buildings. The leak detector is the perfect solution for residential homes or commercial locations to simply and easily protect property from catastrophic water damage.

Key features of our durable leak detection system that’s easy to install and manage anywhere.
  • Easy to use control panel and app for remote management.
  • Originally created to catch pinhole and slab leaks.
  • Can detect leaks behind walls and in ceilings.
  • Automatically shuts off water if a leak is detected.
  • Designed to tie into a security system for additional notification.
  • Provides one-touch turn off for incoming water supply.
  • May help reduce water consumption for added savings.
  • Flexible and expandable to meet individual needs.
  • Fits any size pipe from 3/4″ to 3″.
  • No plumbing is required. The water leak detection system communicates wirelessly, is battery powered, or can be plugged in.
  • Simple and Effective. When a wet floor is detected, the alarm sounds.
  • Each sensor is uniquely identifiable, so you’ll know exactly where to find the leak when it alarms.
Why plumbing leak detectors are a key necessity.

Every year, plumbing leaks cause billions of shillings of property damage. Water damage can result from a host of problems, many of which are difficult to predict. A burst hot water tank, pinhole leaks in the piping system, or an under-sink faucet leak, can all culminate in destroyed insulation, ruined plumbing, and sagging ceilings. Fortunately, water damage is an avoidable calamity.

Leak detection systems can be installed inline on any home’s plumbing. Leak detection systems meticulously monitor the flow of water as it passes through the pipes, and will shut off the water to your home upon noticing any irregularity. Leak detection systems are engineered to give the homeowner peace of mind, as well as ensure your property is protected from catastrophic damage and jaw-dropping repair bills.

While property flooding can happen to anyone and water damage repairs can cost you millions of shillings, it is crystal clear that no insurance can replace family photos and other priceless treasures or important business documents once water has destroyed them.

This makes the installation of point of leak detectors key, so as to offer leak protection for your property. Assured protection against property flooding improves the lives of tenants and household occupants. Have complete home protection with our state-of-the-art technology for your home, which is a cost-effective device with proven flood and damage mitigation control.

Emergency Flood Services

When it comes to a flood or water damage emergency in your home, every minute counts. If flood water inside your home is not dealt with quickly, your walls, as well as your carpet, flooring, ceiling and personal property can quickly become waterlogged and damaged beyond repair. Flooded zones can quickly become unsafe for human exposure. Consider that dangerous bacteria begin to multiply in wet environments, not to mention rot and mold growth. All it takes is a few inches of water to create a serious threat to your home or office. The harmful effects of water damage can be reduced greatly by the prompt and reliable emergency flood services from Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd.

When water damage emergencies strike, our plumbing and water damage restoration experts are well-trained and knowledgeable in handling a water damage emergency whenever the situation strikes. Our trained professionals always perform emergency water damage services in compliance with the highest standards for professional water damage restoration.

Our water damage restoration crews apply state of the art technologies and techniques for water extraction, drying, and moisture testing equipment to handle everything, so you can be confident that water removal process will be completed thoroughly and efficiently; during an emergency flood service to quickly resolve the problem that caused the flood (if applicable), and prevent further water damage.

Whether it’s a sump pump failure, ruthless visit from mother nature, or an experimental toddler testing the swimming capabilities of small toys in the toilet, it doesn’t take much time for water to have a seriously damaging effect on your home. In the event of a water emergency, you’ll need to take immediate action to begin the water extraction process in order to mitigate the damage, save as much property as possible, and dry the area out before mold and mildew set in.

Our water damage restoration crews are prepared to handle every part of the water cleanup process. Our professionals perform water extraction, remove unsalvageable contents, flooring and drywall, clean the affected areas, apply disinfecting agents, deodorise and thoroughly dry the structure. We also work with you and your insurance company to make the water removal process a little easier and help you get back to normal (water removal and water extraction service).

Water damage and sewage clean up service.

Our water damage experts offer prompt water damage clean up service for homeowners and businesses alike. Our water and sewage cleanup services include the following:

  • Cleaning the mess caused by broken pipes and failing plumbing fixtures or appliances. Our experts have expertise in water damage cleanup and plumbing repair, including sump pumps, water heater failures, broken pipes and leaks from your washing machine, and dishwashers.
  • Cleaning up sewage damage from your toilet and sewer and drain backups.
  • Cleaning up any flooding caused by severe weather, whether it be heavy rain or ground water flooding your basement.
Why emergency flood services are key.

Cleaning a home after water damage is an extensive and important task. Simple do-it-yourself drying techniques are often not enough when removing water from your home or office. Your carpet, walls, and floor coverings are porous which means a simple cleaning will not suffice, and extensive water damage cleaning is required.

All surfaces affected by water damage must be thoroughly dried, cleaned, disinfected, and deodorised by trained water restoration experts in order to eliminate disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and other viruses before the area is safe for humans again. The actual cleaning and drying time of your contents is dependent upon the extent of the water damage. While some clean-up efforts can take 2 days, many may take longer.

Remember, when your plumbing fixtures fail, or when a storm hits your area, water can quickly become a problem. Heavy rain combined with partially blocked sewers can often cause sewage backups. If flood water inside your home is not addressed promptly, your walls, as well as your carpet, flooring, ceiling and personal property can quickly become damaged, creating an environment for bacteria, rot, and mold growth.

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