Plumbing Services

Are you planning to install plumbing works for your building, apartment or commercial plaza? Do you know there are a wide range of products on the market that serve different needs and outputs achieving different water-use and energy efficiencies? And do you know that there are numerous safety features that must be considered to incorporate safety in the plumbing systems, especially bathrooms in order to minimize bathroom injuries and deaths? Have you heard about accessible toilets that enhance inclusiveness and accessibility of such facilities by the elderly, and persons with disabilities (PWDs)? HYDRO Concepts (U) Ltd is your trusted partner to guide you through and implement the right plumbing decisions

We develop a schematic layout of your outdoor plumbing to guide you in case of future investigations and maintenance, or in case of property transfer as an after sale service

Reach out to us for a wide range of plumbing services including:
  1. Advisory on the right choice of plumbing equipment and pipes basing on the prevailing surrounding pressures from the water utility serving you or based on your own independent sources
  2. Because saving both Energy and Water matters, we will guide you on the right pipes and fixtures fit for the purpose
  3. We offer guidance on sub-metering and/or meter separation in case of commercial plazas and apartments including meter quality selection, billing systems and meters management
  4. We undertake implementation and offer Operations and Maintenance of all plumbing works for institutional, Residential and commercial buildings
  5. We undertake high billing investigations including leakage detection and inspection of all plumbing fixtures
  6. We undertake the detection and repair of leaks and bursts  
  7. We install and repair plumbing systems for homes or businesses 
  8. We clear blocked drains and sewer networks
Subsurface Utility Locators (Subsurface Utility Engineering)

Everyday construction needs a detailed mapping of underground or buried utilities and support infrastructure. Depth and location are critical in new structure designs. Our subsurface engineering avails a comprehensive mapping of all buried structures. Our distinctive high-end equipment is very effective in locating plastic conduits, concrete storm and sanitary sewers. Thus its ability to respond to both metallic and non-metallic features gives it a unique capability for pipe and cable locating, for subsurface infrastructure made of plastic, asbestos, metallic, and concrete structures 

With our equipment, we are able to identify buried pipe material with minimal disruption. Both plastic and metallic pipes can be easily located for repair of leaks or any other works without necessitating excavation or disruption to the flow or quality of water. The current approach of identifying underground pipes is labour intensive, disruptive to customers, time consuming, and expensive. At Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd, we rapidly and cost effectively identify the location of the pipes without disrupting the flow, taste, appearance, or odour of customer’s water. Our approach does not require the water supply to be shut off or any section of the pipework, nor require excavation to access the surface of the pipe. It accurately locates various pipe materials as plastic, lead, galvanized iron, copper, and concrete storm and sanitary sewers. Our sensors are able to determine the presence as well as confirm the absence of any of the pipe types in the customer supply network, and they relay the results in real time, on site. That is quite interesting!



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