We undertake consultancies in water, sanitation, and environmental sectors. We do deliver business-aligned solutions that endure the test of time. We ensure that our solutions and designs align with the multitude of regulatory policies and processes ever present in the water, sanitation, and environmental sectors. We deliver the best designs and quality works for the following consultancies:

Consultancy Areas:
  • Engineering design and supervision for water supply schemes
  • Design of mini and large irrigation schemes
  • Development of urban flood risk management plans 
  • Design of municipal solid waste management and reuse plans 
  • Development of urban water and sanitation master plans 
  • Undertaking of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)
  • Development of Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs) 
  • Development of asset management plans 
  • Design of watershed and catchment management plans 
  • Development of water safety plans
  • Development of WASH investment and sustainability plans 
  • Undertaking of water demand assessments 
  • Technical assessments and impact evaluations for WASH related projects 
  • Development of urban drainage master plans  
  • Development of integrated water resource management plans 
  • Development of environmental standards and best practices 
  • Development of catchment/wetland restoration and action plans
  • Development of pollution control plans
  • Preparation of water and drought management plans 
  • Development of water conservation plans and future water supply forecasts 
  • Production of flood forecasts and development of flood management plans 
  • Groundwater resource mapping
  • Design and implementation of rainwater harvesting strategies (Including artificial aquifer recharge)

Our integrated team of hydrologists, geologists, water specialists, environmental specialists, social workers, and surveyors possesses a unique mix of skills to internalize your project at length, and proffer you bespoke technical support. We provide you with sound strategy, solid engineering and socially responsible solutions, hence you can always trust us for providing innovative and cost effective solutions, and benefit from the depth and breadth of our technical excellence



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