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Our technical team has a working knowledge of all plumbing fixtures and accessories on market and we therefore work with you to identify the most suitable ones for your system and precisely

We deliver on the most appropriate irrigation technologies based on suitability to terrain and crop type, drawing from a pool of most recognised methods of sprinkler, drip, or flood. Our involvement spans..

We help you select the most suited wastewater treatment method/process chain, optimally design it and undertake its construction. Our specialists combine..

Drainage is the natural or artificial removal of a surface’s water and subsurface water from an area with excess water. Drainage works are critical to the efficient installation and design of below ground sanitary and storm ..

We apply scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve water-related problems in society: problems of quantity, quality, and availability. This is done through methods such as isotope hydrology.

Rainwater harvesting is a technology used to collect, convey, and store rainwater for later use from relatively clean surfaces such as a roof, land surface, or rock catchment. It refers to collection and …

We believe in creation of new knowledge and it is through research that this can be made possible. Also, our team of developers is also ready to work with you to develop …

We undertake the design and construction of faecal sludge treatment plants (FSTPs), as well as provision of services across the entire sanitation value chain ..

We undertake specialised consultancies in water engineering, sanitation, and environmental sectors. We have comprehensive understanding of local and international..

We undertake risk assessment and management for projects in the water engineering, sanitation, and environment sectors and develop occupational health and safety mitigation measures for ..

All water supply systems are made up of assets (infrastructure). These include pipes, water meters, control valves, pressure-reducing /regulating valves, air release valves, washout valves, pumps, motors etc..

We offer a comprehensive suite of survey and mapping solutions, using innovative modern technologies. We deploy such leading survey technologies as

We focus on achieving both water and energy efficiency by undertaking optimal design of piped water supply systems using

We offer technical consultancy aimed to address network losses, leakage detection, network leakage monitoring, billing abnormalities, and water meter management.

We provide extensive services in the mining of metals and minerals including in the full-life cycle of exploration, project development, project permitting, construction, operations, reclamation, and closure.

We are always available.

We have dedicated and experienced teams that have a wide hands-on experience in providing the services we offer and are ready to come to your site or location. Get in touch with us at any time. We are the leading provider of innovative, sound, and informed services, research outputs, and products in the water, sanitation, and environment sectors

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