Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd is built on a time-tested foundation of excellent leadership, exceptional talent, and drive; with a team of ambitious, high achieving individuals who are passionate about moving the needle in the water resources engineering and sanitation sector. Our continual success has been a direct result of selfless service from our team of dedicated staff. We remain committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff and recognize that our continued success depends on hiring and retaining high quality creative professionals with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and the right mix of skills. Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd is a great place to work, for both early career, midcareer, and seasoned professionals. We offer a wide variety of interesting positions in a professional environment and are in constant pursuit of high-end talent from diverse backgrounds to join our team and enable us to better deliver on our mandate. 
By choosing to work with Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd, you have the opportunity to shape your career in a steadily growing, top tier engineering consulting firm, as you shape your career growth in new high-level roles and opportunities that open up as we expand our project portfolio. We offer employment opportunities to professionals from various backgrounds as Engineering, Plumbing, Social Sciences, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Surveying, Business Administration, among others.
Interested in joining our team? Please review our job openings and application procedures.

Internship Program

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we do offer internship opportunities as a way of offering work-based learning opportunities for and nurturing the next generation of WATSAN sector professionals. Our goal is to recruit the most knowledgeable and brightest aspiring talent (Crème Del Crème) in the industry, train and mentor them, with the overall objective of enhancing their personal growth and professional development. Our internship program is professionally enriching, and typically lasts 6 months. Interns get fully immersed in our various multidisciplinary projects and receive on-going career support, coaching, and mentorship from their respective line managers who are seasoned industry professionals and thought leaders. The interns, selected through our meritocracy-based hiring systems are required to actively participate in the design, development, and implementation of various water engineering and sanitation projects we undertake. This enables them to amass a wide array of skills and to build truly worthwhile careers.

Application, Recruitment, and Selection Process.

Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on gender, tribe, religion, disability, or political affiliation. Selection of candidates is based on individual merit; hence the best candidates are appointed for any vacancies, based on the quality and strength of their applications and submissions made during interview processes. Our meritocracy-based hiring systems deploy the use of competency-based interviews.


All our job openings and internships are advertised via our website on the Opportunities Section, and our respective social media platforms.
We do provide a standard job application form, to enable us to fairly judge all applicants based on comparable information.
We only review applications that use our standard job application form, as provided for each job advert. We typically do not ask for CVs or academic certificates at the application stage.

Selection and Recruitment

We typically receive an overwhelming number of exceptional candidates for each role we advertise. Our recruitment team takes time to evaluate and rank each individual application, and only select a few who better match our criteria.
The shortlisted candidates undergo a rigorous multi stage interview process, with strong candidates progressing to the next stage at each level.
We use a mix of competency-based interviews to test skill level and predict job performance of potential candidates in case they were offered the job, given the multidisciplinary and complex nature of the projects we handle.
Ideally, we prioritise high performing, big picture thinkers, with revolutionary, unconventional ideas, and the potential to build long term careers with us.   

Employee Training and Development

At Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd, we maintain a high-performance culture, and as such we remain laser focused on staff training and development. We offer on-going training and skills development to ensure our staff are always equipped with the latest industry skills and can ably deliver to Client satisfaction. We are also committed to providing opportunities for further education, learning, and development activities for our staff under our continuing professional development (CPD) program. The rationale for placing premium on workforce training is to ensure our staff are well equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to offer world class services for our Clients. We ensure that our staff never stop learning, but undergo a continual learning process in workshops, in-house trainings, and through hands-on experience to learn the latest domain concepts and theories, enabling better service delivery to our Clients. 
Regarding staff development, we conduct routine management consulting style career reviews i.e., performance and development reviews (PDRs) for our staff. We also provide constant actionable feedback on staff performance and development areas via routine check-ins with line managers, as well as 360-degree feedback surveys. Altogether, these enable staff to get regular feedback on their performance and any development areas to prepare them for higher roles in our steadily growing portfolio of projects.

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