Asset management

All water supply systems are made up of assets (infrastructure). These include pipes, water meters, control valves, pressure reducing/regulating valves, air release valves, washout valves, pumps, motors etc.

All these assets serve different roles within the water supply systems, ultimately contributing to the overall objective of supplying clean water to the public

Therefore, the functionality and integrity of all the assets that form part of the water supply should be guaranteed at all times. However, like is with all assets, they are subject to wear and tear. These assets have a role to play in managing water losses and enhancing energy efficiency. As such, air release valves prevent air surges that lead to turbulent flows which oftentimes result in bursts and leakages, pressure reducing valves regulate pressure in sections of the water supply systems preventing the occurrence of bursts, control valves too regulate pressure as well control wastage during repairs etc.

It is important therefore to ensure that these assets are strategically located, well protected from damage and that their functionality is guaranteed sustainably. This is what makes strategic asset management critical for all water supply systems

Our technical experts bring an experienced eye and a fresh outlook to carefully study your water system with regards to water supply pressures, distribution pipe specifications, water quality and all system components, and guide you on the right infrastructure to use, how long it will serve, and how often it should be replaced, with an overall aim of driving operational efficiency. We thus provide you with project lifecycle solutions to maximize asset values, from feasibility studies through to decommissioning . This enables you optimize operations and maximize plant asset values throughout the lifecycle of the facilities



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