We deliver on the most appropriate irrigation technologies based on suitability to terrain and crop type drawing from a pool of most recognised methods of sprinkler, drip, or flood

Our Engineers help you to select and design the most suitable irrigation type and equipment fit for the purpose keeping in mind to achieve the highest water use efficiency while saving/conserving energy

We also help you design and implement combined irrigation systems that also deliver fertilisers-a process known as fertigation and chemigation

Smart irrigation:

We deploy smart irrigation systems that offer “water on demand irrigation”. In essence, they monitor weather, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water use to automatically adjust the watering schedule to actual conditions of the site

This helps save both water and money (water efficiency). Our smart irrigation improves water use efficiencies as it tailors watering schedules to meet specific landscape needs. We fit your system with smart irrigation controllers that adjust sprinkler application rate based on site-specific variables such as outdoor temperature and soil type, so plants get water when they really need it

We also implement and provide the following under our irrigation plan
  • Solar water pumping
  • Supply of irrigation kits and accessories
  • Design and construction of irrigation schemes 
  • Construction of greenhouses 
  • Supply of surface and submersible water pumps
Fish Pond Construction

Fish rearing (aquaculture) has emerged as a lucrative business lately, done at both subsistence and commercial levels. It is imperative to note that any successful aquaculture practice with a good harvesting is a direct result of proper construction, preparation and maintenance of the fishpond 

Different types of fishponds exist, which can be earthen or concrete in nature. The exact type for a particular fish farm is dependent on factors such as terrain, water source, and quality of the soil at the proposed site, among others

We also supply dam liners and pond liners (geomembrane products) for all shapes and sizes of fishponds 

At Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd, we undertake fish farm design and pond construction; guide you in managing water quality and pond dynamics for both earthen and concrete types of ponds



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