Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety

We undertake risk assessment and management for projects in the water, sanitation and environment sectors and develop occupational health and safety mitigation measures for the identified risks 

We also do consultancy works in this regard to ensure the developed standards and procedures are observed at all times to secure a safe working environment 

Our team of strategic advisors, social scientists, and engineers integrate their industry experience, engineering expertise, and knowledge of a bricolage of both local and global regulatory considerations to design solutions that embed utmost safety, and minimize impact, while offering improved environmental, health and safety performance. We dwell on this deep knowledge base and industry insight to ensure your project aligns with all applicable standards and regulations in every piece. We assess, anticipate, and plan. Ultimately, we design safety into your project and management systems to reduce or mitigate the risks inherent in your operations 

Given water, sanitation and environment are among the world’s highly regulated sectors,  we closely analyse and ensure adherence to all applicable environmental, health, safety and industry requirements at each stage of your project’s or site’s life cycle, and ensure that these solutions are effective in their intent, applicable to your project and cost effective for your business



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