Drainage is the natural or artificial removal of a surface’s water and subsurface water from an area with excess water. Drainage works are critical to the efficient installation and design of below ground sanitary and storm water systems within and from a building, road, or concrete surface (street).

What you need to know about drainage and the works we undertake.

As experts in the drainage field, we provide high quality drainage works in the following areas:

  • Preparing trenches and laying of stormwater and sanitary drains.
  • Installing, connecting, and testing underground sewerage treatments systems such as septic tanks and pressurised treatment systems.
  • Installing grease interceptor traps (Grease traps).
  • Installing drains, while ensuring the use of adequate support systems.
  • Cutting and sealing disused underground drains.
  • Repairing and replacing below ground drains.
  • Installing onsite disposal systems such as above ground grease interceptors, bio digesters, septic tanks, and soak pits.
  • Installing overflow provisions, including overflow relief gullies and reflux valves.
  • Installing drainage vents and inspection shafts.
  • Construction of road side drains, culverts, stone pitching and installation of pavements on walkways.
  • Construction of gabion boxes/gabion check dams to control water flow and for erosion and sediment control.
  • Design and construction of drainage channels i.e., domestic, municipal, institutional, etc.
  • Installation of box culverts and armco steel culverts for bridge and road works.
  • Technical consultancy for design of urban drainage master plans.
  • Technical consultancy for design of urban flood risk management plans, development of flood hazard maps, flood vulnerability assessments, watershed management plans, sediment monitoring, etc.
  • Research and implementation of initiatives such as sponge cities, urban storm water parks, stormwater harvesting, bio retention systems, porous roads and pavements, permeable pavers, green rooftops and nature-based flood prevention measures and resilience initiatives.
  • Clearing of blocked sewer networks (drain cleaning) and flooded drains.
  • Hydraulic modelling of surface water drainage networks.
  • Installation of french drains.
  • Installation of road batters for soil erosion control.
  • Slope protection and construction of retention walls.
  • Watershed evaluation and planning, and stormwater analysis.
  • Design of road drainage systems and erosion control infrastructure.
  • Drain maintenance and desilting, culvert inspections, and unblocking.
  • Laying of synthetic geotextiles (geo composites), non woven geofabrics, and geo-grids in roads and drainage works.
  • Maintenance of sanitary sewers by removing blockages and sewer pipe inspections.
  • Setting up of embankment dams to store excess water from rivers during wet seasons.
  • Supply of drainage cells, box culverts, and drain sticks/flexible sewer rods (for sewer cleaning, unclogging, and maintenance of domestic and municipal sanitary sewers).
  • Supply of drainage pipes, manhole covers, drain tiles, dewatering pumps, grated drainage solutions, geo tube composites, geomats, geo bags, and ground protection mats i.e., heavy duty ground access mats for temporary roads.
  • Construction of retaining walls, gabion embankment dams, runoff control berms, drainage canals, and drainage channels.
  • River engineering works and river bank protection, desilting of water bodies, and stream bed repairs.
  • Dewatering and pumping out of excess water from construction sites, mines, etc.
  • Stormwater harvesting and rainwater regulating pits (infiltration trenches), and underground detention ponds to harness flash floods.
  • Construction of flood control structures i.e., dikes, drainage canals, flood ways, sluice gates, aqueducts, spillways, etc.
  • Design, construction, and operation of flood storage reservoirs for flood control in urbanised areas.

Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd is your trusted partner to undertake the design and implementation of high-quality, advanced drainage solutions for your noteworthy projects, be it for roads, dams, gardens, fuel stations, etc. We design all our drainage solutions to the highest quality standards humanly possible, with our excellent drainage products delivered with exceptional service. 

We offer expert guidance at each step of the design process, and our deep technical experience and practical knowledge allows us to provide the most informed and professional service possible. We are always there for you from planning stages through the project phase and long after the installation is complete.

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