Faecal Sludge Management

Faecal Sludge Management

Under our faecal sludge management solutions, we undertake the design and construction of faecal sludge treatment plants, as well as provision of services across the entire sanitation value chain (SVC). Our FSM facilities aim at resource recovery i.e. biogas and briquettes to meet energy needs, as well as sludge cakes used in agriculture for soil conditioning

  • We design and construct faecal sludge treatment facilities, to treat faecal sludge from septic tanks, pit latrines and other onsite sanitation systems. Our facilities enable resource recovery i.e. briquettes which reduces reliance on charcoal that is environmentally disastrous, as well as burning the methane gas generated to obtain electricity
  • We undertake design and construction of constructed wetlands, sewage lagoons, and waste stabilization ponds for human wastes for small-town centres, and institutions such as schools
  • We undertake the construction of bio digester septic tanks. These decompose the waste on-site hence require no emptying. Additionally, our bio digesters generate biogas for energy needs
  • We offer cesspool emptier and gulping services to clients with septic tanks and pit latrines respectively
Sanitation Infrastructure Facilities

While we feed our bodies, the end product, shit must be properly disposed of, to ensure a safe, healthy, and liveable environment! Proper disposal of human waste prevents pollution of the environment, air, and water resources. Safe disposal necessitates the construction of well designed, and sited physical infrastructures, that minimize impact of the collected waste on groundwater resources

We undertake the construction of sewered (waterborne) and onsite sanitation facilities, including but not limited to the following components:

  • Waterborne/flush toilet facilities (and accessible toilets)
  • Pour flush toilets
  • Drainable pit latrines 
  • Waste incinerators
  • Septic tanks
  • Bio digester septic tanks
  • Hands free hand washing stations
Bio digester septic tanks

Bio digester septic tanks are the new gold standard in wastewater management, and are being widely adopted in preference to conventional septic tanks. Bio-digesters are used as an alternative to conventional septic tanks, because they offer the following added benefits:

  • They generate biogas, thus a source of clean renewable energy
  • They eliminate dependence on external logistics (Emptying), as the wastewater is treated on-site
  • They are easy to maintain
  • There have reduced costs on emptying and maintenance 
  • They have an extended lifespan 
  • They decompose up to 99.9% of human waste, which is converted into reusable water and methane gas. This is in comparison to conventional septic tanks that decompose only 30% and 70% stays in the septic tank

At Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd, we have specialist knowledge and unrivalled expertise in the design and construction of all sizes of bio digester septic tanks for homes, schools, hotels, and other institutional settings



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