We undertake specialised consultancies in water engineering, sanitation, and environmental sectors. We have comprehensive understanding of local and international procurement guidelines i.e. PPDA, FIDIC, etc, enabling us to deliver on both design and EPC contracts to the desired compliance standards.

We do deliver business-aligned solutions that endure the test of time. We ensure that our solutions and designs align with the multitude of regulatory policies and processes ever present in the water engineering, sanitation, and environmental sectors. Our highly trained and experienced engineers lead our customers through complex technical, regulatory, and economic challenges. Using sound engineering design principles, we deliver the best designs and quality works for the following consultancies:

  • Feasibility study, detailed engineering design, and construction supervision for piped water supply schemes (For both groundwater and surface water supply sources).
  • Undertaking of environmental and pollution control plans, environmental audits, environmental impact assessments (EIAs), and pollution monitoring programs.
  • Feasibility study, detailed engineering design, and construction supervision of mini-irrigation and large-scale irrigation schemes.
  • Preparation of irrigation master plans.
  • Development of urban flood risk management plans.
  • Design of municipal solid waste management and reuse plans.
  • Development of urban water supply and sanitation master plans.
  • Development of water resources strategic plans for water and sanitation utilities.
  • Undertaking of environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs), environmental and social management plans (ESMPs), environmental and social safeguards monitoring and reporting.
  • Development of resettlement action plans (RAPs) for project affected persons (PAPs).
  • Development of WaSH strategic plans, water supply stabilisation plans, and water sustainability plans.
  • Development of drought and desertification control plans (Drought mitigation plans).
  • Development of sedimentation and erosion control plans.
  • Infrastructure condition and risk assessment programs for capital planning i.e., condition and criticality assessments, capital improvement plans (CIPs), and wastewater program capital investment plans.
  • Development of water safety plans (WSPs) and water security plans.
  • Water asset revaluation to support the establishment and development of comprehensive water asset management systems.
  • Development of water asset management plans/policies.
  • Design of watershed and catchment management plans (Wetland management plans).
  • Undertaking of water demand assessments and future projections.
  • Technical assessments and impact evaluations for WaSH related projects.
  • Development of urban drainage master plans.
  • Development of integrated water resources management plans, hydraulic modelling, and hydraulic infrastructure analysis.
  • Development of catchment, micro catchment, and wetland restoration and action plans.
  • Development of water conservation plans and future water supply and demand forecasts.
  • Production of flood forecasts and development of flood management plans.
  • Groundwater resource mapping, preparation of water atlas, environmental flow assessments (e-flows), and surface water hydrological assessments.
  • Design and implementation of rainwater harvesting master plans/strategies (Including artificial aquifer recharge).
  • Feasibility assessment, design, and implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS) and ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) strategies.
  • Design and installation of urban storm sewer systems.
  • Design and implementation of sanitation safety plans (SSPs).
  • Preparation of municipal sewerage management plans.
  • Preparation of sewerage business plans and WaSH investment plans.
  • Undertaking of tidal studies, marine energy studies, bathymetric surveys, and hydrographic surveys.
  • Preparation of flood risk hazard maps and neighbourhood flood safety maps.

Our integrated team of hydrologists, geologists, water engineering specialists, environmental specialists, social workers, and surveyors possesses a unique mix of skills to internalise your project at length, and proffer you bespoke technical support. We provide you with sound strategy, solid engineering, and socially responsible solutions, hence you can always trust us for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions, and benefit from the depth and breadth of our technical excellence. We deliver high value technical advisory for both medium and complex projects in the water engineering, sanitation, and environmental sectors.

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