Hydrology is a branch of science concerned with the properties of the earth’s water, and especially its movement in relation to land.

Hydrology has evolved as a science in response to the need to understand the complex water systems of the earth and help solve water problems. Hydrologists play a vital role in finding solutions to water problems.

What does HYDRO CONCEPTS (U) LTD do in hydrology?

  • We apply scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve water-related problems in society: problems of quantity, quality, and availability. This is done through methods such as isotope hydrology.
  • We undertake installation of hydrological and weather data capturing equipment and systems; and undertake their operations and maintenance to ensure reliable data capturing and dissemination.
  • We undertake the supply and installation of hydrometric equipment such as automatic weather stations, dry deposition monitoring stations, digital water level recording stations, ground water level recording stations, meteorological stations, meteorological radars, and hydrological monitoring stations.
  • As far as desk work is concerned, we carry out interpreting hydrologic data and performing analyses for such uses as guiding water harvesting and treatment, river basin planning, watershed management planning, hydro power development, informing better catchment management practices, etc.
  • We undertake supply, installation, and configuration of digital remote groundwater monitoring terminals and other telemetric systems. These groundwater monitoring systems monitor dynamic and static groundwater levels, pressure, flow, temperature, pH, turbidity, etc.
  • We undertake installation of river gauging stations for river flow measurement (streamflow analysis) and river flood monitoring (standalone monitoring and control stations). Our river water level monitoring systems are based on wireless communication technology.
  • We undertake field instrumentation solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants i.e., turbidity monitoring solutions, necessary to ensure water quality, safety, and compliance (wireless water quality monitoring systems).
  • Execution of surface water hydrological assessments and development of surface water management plans and stormwater runoff analysis.
  • Development of drought monitoring and forecasting programs.
  • Undertaking hydrological investigations/studies for piped water supply projects, road construction, mining, and mineral exploration projects, etc. 
  • Design and installation of monitoring and piezo metric wells.
  • Execution of hydrological assessments, groundwater flow modelling, hydrological modelling, infiltration and inflow studies, GIS application in water resources modelling, and stormwater modelling.
  • Execution of hydrographic surveys (for design of landing sites), tidal studies, and bathymetric surveys for production of underwater topographic maps.
  • Supply, installation, and configuration of real-time satellite enabled smart water sensors and monitors for Afridev handpumps, India Mark II handpumps, and solar piped water supply systems. These are instrumental in detecting handpump breakdowns, hence essential for predictive maintenance programs (water asset management), measurement of volume of water pumped per day, thus identification of overburdened and underutilised water points, as well as compliance to abstraction permits.
  • Installation of river water level wireless monitoring systems i.e., telemetric water monitoring systems able to report river overflows and flood alert warnings in real time.
  • Supply and installation of data loggers, dip meters, submersible probes and level sensors, transducers, transmitters, and multiparameter sensors for measurement and monitoring of water quality and quantity parameters such as water flow, temperature, discharge, pressure, turbidity, conductivity, nutrients, alert flood warning, and waste monitoring. Our systems are unattended, long-term monitoring systems, used in various applications such as dams, streams, weirs, stormwater systems, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, etc. Our sensors are reliable regardless of salinity, water level, pollution level, or any other harsh environmental conditions.
  • Supply and installation of water tank and reservoir water monitoring sensors. These help homes, businesses, and water utilities and purveyors to monitor water levels in their tanks and reservoirs in any location via online platforms. This enables users to know how much water is left in their tanks, offers warning alerts when water levels are low, and ensures they do not abruptly run out of water. Clients get low water alerts and can plan on refilling their tanks/reservoirs so that they never run out of water. This solution offers real time monitoring of the water tank levels anywhere with consumption reports on daily and weekly water consumption trends.
  • Installation of control equipment for water and wastewater systems i.e., supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and numerous IoT enabled systems for piped water supply networks and wastewater treatment plants.

Rationale for telemetric water level monitoring solutions.

With the rapid economic development and the acceleration of urbanisation, the emission of various pollutants causes rivers, reservoirs, and groundwater bodies to be polluted to varying degrees, which leads to the constant threat to both surface and ground water sources. Furthermore, in recent years, extreme weather has become increasingly prominent. During wet seasons, heavy rains occur frequently and last for a long time, causing the water level of the rivers to overflow. Flood discharge is not timely, causing flood disasters and seriously endangering the lives and property of the people. In many areas, the number of rivers is large and the geographical situation is complex.

Many small and medium-sized rivers have low flood control capacity, and heavy rainfall is easy to break. In order to ensure flood control safety and strengthen river management, more and more river water level wireless monitoring systems have been adopted in the market. Altogether, the above ground realities call for dedicated telemetric water monitoring systems, able to report potential flood events in real time.

At Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd, we offer high-end engineering hydrology solutions and employ a suite of wireless technological solutions and water sensors to provide water utilities with real time data on their water supply systems.

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