Research & Development

As a dynamic company, we strive to design, meet, and exceed our Client’s expectations by constantly searching for new, innovative, and novel engineering solutions for our Clients. In fulfilment of the same, Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd encourages, collaborates, and coordinates research in the water, sanitation, hygiene, public health, and environment aspects, enabling us to consistently deliver unmatched superior technical solutions.

We believe in creation of new knowledge and it is through research that this can be made possible. Also, our team of developers is also ready to work with you to develop smart systems and applications in the water engineering, environmental, and sanitation sectors. Every year, we develop, test, trial, and scale up/commercialise a number of product prototypes (MVPs) relevant to the WaSH industry.

These pilots, commissioned research studies, research experiments, and bench scale studies in several bold solutions serve as an avenue for the well guided uptake of science, technology, innovations, and inventions in the water engineering sector.

Our research team of WaSH intelligentsia undertakes painstaking research with care of every detail, to ensure efficient and human centred design innovations, which has enabled us to constantly produce and implement highly customised state of the art technologies and customer solutions.

Our focus is leveraging research to design efficient and affordable sanitation and water technologies and services, and for creation and dissemination of functional knowledge to the water engineering and public health sector. We are laser focused on developing efficient and impactful solutions, which address current and future Client needs, and hence will stand the test of time. As a company at the frontline of research and engineering innovation, we regularly present practice papers and product innovations at numerous industry conferences and innovation forums.

Our R & D department is a wellspring of WaSH sector knowledge, facts, statistics, and cutting-edge research and innovation, which it consistently disseminates via technical reports, fact sheets, newsletters, conference discussion papers, media articles, blogs, and WaSH symposia.

WASH Project Impact Evaluation Surveys i.e., Baseline Surveys, Midterm Surveys, and Endline Surveys.

Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd has a fully-fledged Research and Development Department, with a team of experienced and imminent research experts in the field of water engineering, sanitation, public health, and environment, who provide outstanding research, evaluation, and project management services to our Clients. Our team is experienced in project development and management as well as impact evaluations using experimental and non-experimental designs.

Our project portfolio under this department has ranged from socio-economic surveys, water demand assessments, environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs), feasibility studies, needs assessment surveys, program impact evaluations, community engagement and advocacy plans, WaSH training and capacity needs assessments, baseline surveys, midterm reviews, end line surveys, case studies, commissioned research studies, etc.

Our unmatched understanding of the development sector, experiences, and lessons accumulated through our previous project undertakings position us uniquely in running some of the most successful surveys and evaluation projects. Our Clients value us as an independent, trustworthy advisor; and appreciate our unswerving dedication to quality and objective analysis of projects entrusted unto us.

Statement of Independence.

Hydro Concepts (U) Ltd strives to meet the highest standards of integrity and quality in its research and analyses, and in the evidence-based recommendations offered by its researchers and experts. We believe that operating consistent with the values of independence, rigour, and transparency is essential to maintaining those standards.

As a research and evaluation Consultant, we do not take positions on issues, other than making objective analysis of projects entrusted to us. We share evidence-based views and recommendations as obtained from our evaluation, data collection and analysis, and we do follow the evidence wherever it may lead.

Our research experts express professional opinions truthfully and only when founded on adequate knowledge and honest conviction, and as such the expert opinions and judicious recommendations offered are based on factual evidence from high quality information gathered. We do provide professional, objective, and impartial advice at all times.

WaSH Trainings and Capacity Building

Our company supports and encourages water resources management trainings and presentations concerning new, sustainable solutions for our most valuable asset, water. Our highly trained team of master trainers undertake technical trainings and capacity building programs for/in:

  • Hand pump mechanic associations (HPMAs) and borehole maintenance technicians (BMTs).
  • Water and Sanitation Committees (WSCs).
  • Water User Committees (WUCs).
  • Town Water Boards (TWBs).
  • ToT trainings in WaSH aspects.
  • Trainings on operation and management of new and emerging water technologies.
  • Technical trainings in areas of piped water supply system design, climate change modelling for engineering projects, engineering software as EPANET, AutoCAD, GIS, WaterCAD and relevant software modelling and their application to water resources management, piped water supply system audits and water asset management, water source development, large system performance evaluation, hydrological data analysis, solar powered water systems design, etc.
  • Public health, sanitation, and hygiene trainings e.g., safe water chains, water source protection, cleaning and disinfection of water storage tanks and distribution networks, etc.
  • WaSH engineering in humanitarian contexts.   

Through well-tailored programs, we train water technicians and water users in technical aspects of water management, as well as socio-behavioural WaSH aspects for rural and humanitarian contexts. Our trainings cover various aspects of water management, water system infrastructure repairs and rehabilitations (for water technicians), safe water chains, water quality sampling and analysis, water source protection programs, public health engineering, hygiene, and sanitation, as well as O&M tailored trainings.

We also prepare O&M manuals to guide the trained water user committees on best practices in operation and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities. We deliver quality technical trainings on water treatment, water quality testing, and operation and maintenance to technical staff and water management teams. We also assist with identifying, forming, and training community WaSH structures such as WUCs, community hygiene promoters, village health teams, community facilitators, etc.

Policy and Advocacy

Our team of well-read deep thinkers and seasoned researchers undertakes independent research and analysis of policy gaps in the existing water, sanitation, and environmental related laws, regulations, and their implementation. Once our studies with other research institutes, civil society organisations (CSOs), and think-tank bodies identify certain policy gaps, we make judicious recommendations on policy changes, which we incorporate in policy briefs, reports, and white papers to advocate improvement of both the quality of WaSH industry laws and guidelines; and their enforcement.

Our team of seasoned researchers delivers actionable recommendations, based on anecdotal evidence and high-quality data gathered whilst undertaking our researches, and thorough understanding of the industry. Through our evidence-based research, we advance empirical evidence of loose ends in water legislation and concrete recommendations, which facilitates informed decision making.

Once adopted and implemented, this provides a good atmosphere that serves as a catalyst for innovation, as well as best and sustainable practices in the WaSH, public health, and environmental sectors. Our empirical research studies also inform such undertakings as WaSH policy review, and WATSAN market intelligence and investment plans.

From our testbed of solutions, services, and technologies for water sustainability, we are able to offer decision makers with crisp recommendations backed by empirical evidence, and provide scientific credible concepts, reports, and data they can use to make informed decisions for the WaSH, public health, and environmental engineering discourses.

As a knowledge driven firm, we deliver high quality, innovative policy advice that is underpinned by deep contextual knowledge and technical expertise, enabling us to produce innovative solutions and outcomes of maximum value.

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