Research & Development

Research & Development

As a dynamic company, we strive to design, meet, and exceed our client’s expectations by constantly searching for new, innovative, and novel engineering solutions for our clients 

In fulfilment of the same, HYDRO CONCEPTS (U) LTD encourages, collaborates and coordinates researches in the water, sanitation and environment aspects, enabling us to consistently deliver unmatched superior technical solutions

We believe in creation of new knowledge and it is through research that this can be made possible. Also, our team of developers is also ready to work with you to develop smart systems and applications in the water, environmental and sanitation sectors. Every year, we develop, test, trial, and scale up a number of product prototypes (MVPs) relevant to the WASH industry

Our research team undertakes painstaking research with care of every detail, to ensure efficient and human centred design innovations, which has enabled us constantly produce and implement highly customized state of the art technologies and customer solutions. Our focus is leveraging research to design efficient and affordable sanitation and water technologies and services, and for creation and dissemination of functional knowledge to the sector. We are laser focused on developing efficient and impactful solutions, which address current and future client needs, and hence will stand the test of time 

As a company at the frontline of research and engineering innovation, we regularly present papers and innovations at numerous industry conferences and innovation forums. Our R & D department is a wellspring of WASH sector knowledge, facts, statistics, and cutting edge research and innovation, which it consistently disseminates via technical reports, fact sheets, newsletters, conference discussion papers, media articles, blogs, and WASH symposia

Policy and Advocacy

Our team of well-read deep thinkers and seasoned researchers undertakes independent research and analysis of policy gaps in the existing water, sanitation and environmental related laws, regulations, and their implementation. Once our studies with other research institutes, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and think-tank bodies identify certain policy gaps, we make judicious recommendations on policy changes, which we incorporate in policy briefs, reports, and white papers to advocate improvement of both the quality of WASH industry laws and guidelines and their enforcement

Our R & D team delivers actionable recommendations, based on anecdotal evidence and high quality data gathered whilst undertaking our researches, and thorough understanding of the industry. Through our evidence based research, we advance empirical evidence of loose ends in water legislation and concrete recommendations, which facilitates informed decision making. Once adopted and implemented, this provides a good atmosphere that serves as a catalyst for innovation, as well as best and sustainable practices in the WASH and environmental sectors



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