Waste Water Management

Waste Water Management

It is common knowledge that WATER IS LIFE! AND WATER IS KEY FOR INDUSTRIAL GROWTH AS BASIC RAW MATERIAL. And where there is use of water for domestic or industrial purposes, there is also mixing of water with other compounds to generate waste water. This waste water is required to be appropriately treated to acceptable standards before it is discharged back to the environment 

At HYDRO CONCEPTS (U) LTD, we help you select the most suited treatment method/process chain, optimally design it and undertake its construction. 

We focus on systems that achieve both water and energy recovery. Thus, our major emphasis is on anaerobic wastewater treatment processes for tropical regions.

We design for and undertake implementation of Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Municipal wastewater treatment systems. Our selection of the processes is guided by thorough characterisation of the type of wastewater at hand while we emphasise process control

We design and deliver fit-for-purpose design industrial wastewater and effluent treatment equipment. Our range of industrial wastewater treatment equipment includes up flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors (UASB), anaerobic baffled reactors (ABR), clarifiers, industrial oil separators, solids separators, dissolved air flotation (DAF) sludge thickening units, hydro cyclones among others. Our effluent systems are fit for brewery, dairy, textile, wet coffee processing, sugar, abattoir, food processing, leather, plastics recycling, pulp and paper, chemical, beverages and battery recycling industrial wastewater 

We help you choose the right wastewater treatment equipment to best suit your plant’s operation. We also design and implement natural biological wastewater treatment facilities such as sewage lagoons and constructed wetlands



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