Oil, Gas, and Mineral Exploration

We provide extensive services in the mining of metals and minerals including in the full-life cycle of exploration, project development, project permitting, construction, operations, reclamation, and closure.

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and Water Loss Management

We offer multipronged solutions to address these shortcomings. We deploy high-end NRW equipment and water leak detectors, to accurately detect leaks on any underground water transmission pipes, thus enabling utilities to keep leakage volumes to levels that are acceptable and economically viable (Affordable losses).

Piped Water Supply,Borehole Drilling, and Spring Protection

We focus on achieving both water and energy efficiency by undertaking optimal design of piped water supply systems using proven design principles and criteria with the aid of technological packages suited for the purpose at hand. In the same spirit, our implementation plans focus on delivering quality workmanship.

Surveying and GIS Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of survey and mapping solutions, using innovative modern technologies. We deploy such leading survey technologies as Drone UAV solutions, which simplify the collection and analysis of geospatial data

Water Asset Management

Our technical experts bring an experienced eye and a fresh outlook to carefully study your water supply system with regards to water supply pressures, distribution pipe specifications, water quality and all system components, and guide you on the right infrastructure to use, how long it will serve, and how often it should be replaced, with an overall aim of driving operational efficiency.

Research & Development

We believe in creation of new knowledge and it is through research that this can be made possible. Also, our team of developers is also ready to work with you to develop smart systems and applications in the water engineering, environmental, and sanitation sectors.

Faecal Sludge Management

Under our faecal sludge management solutions, we undertake the design and construction of faecal sludge treatment plants (FSTPs), as well as provision of services across the entire sanitation value chain (SVC) i.e., safe containment, transport, treatment, and reuse/disposal. Our FSM facilities aim at resource recovery


We undertake consultancies in water, sanitation, and environmental sectors. We do deliver business-aligned solutions that endure the test of time. We ensure that our solutions and designs align with the multitude of regulatory policies and processes ever present in the water, sanitation, and environmental sectors.

Occupational Health & Safety

We undertake risk assessment and management for projects in the water engineering, sanitation, and environment sectors and develop occupational health and safety mitigation measures for the identified risks.

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